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Rapha Rides for Tohoku

TweetSunday, I participated in a race ride for charity.  Clearly, nothing is more charitable than a bunch of people gathering on a Sunday morning in the name of charity to do, uh, the same thing they would be doing anyway … Continue reading

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An Ode to Collegiate Cycling

TweetRecently, I’ve been feeling pretty optimistic about cycling in general.  Seeing how many winter warriors braved the apocalyptic weather over the past few months has convinced me that Boston can be a “world-class cycling city,” regardless of Mother Nature’s best … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading

TweetHi Everyone, I apologize for being AWOL in this here intertube, but the glorious life of graduate studentude has had me in the library studying things much less enjoyable than bicycles. During a study break, I noticed on the Tweet-O-Sphere … Continue reading

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No More Epic Posts

TweetLast week, I deviated from my previous posts by cranking out a 1500-word epic about Lance Armstrong.  My original goal was to stimulate an invigorating discussion about the effects that a LA conviction could have on the entire bike industry, … Continue reading

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The Lance Armstrong Effect

TweetAnother blogger writing about Lance Armstrong? Really?  Yes, Really.  But fear not the boilerplate “did he dope?” conjecturing and testiculating.  I am writing this post today for two very important reasons: 1. I want to increase my search engine results … Continue reading

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State of the Bike 2011

Tweet Reminiscent of a similar speech made last week by Prez O, Boston Bike Czar Nicole Freedman took to the pulpit Thursday night to deliver an update on the state of things.  Since I could think of nothing more thrilling … Continue reading

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When Pros Crash

TweetNote: Instead of today’s regularly scheduled programming, I’ve written about something that has affected me recently – pro cyclists getting into accidents while training.  While I don’t think the death of a pro cyclist is sadder than that of a … Continue reading

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A Brief Introduction

TweetWhen I started this blog, I figured I should just check to make sure no one else had  beat me to what I feel is a clever name for a blog (I patted myself on the back).  So, I Googled … Continue reading

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