D2R2 GPS files

I’ve been noticing on the Twitter-O-Sphere that people are having trouble with the GPS files for D2R2.  Fear not, dear children, as I have re-mapped GPS files based off of the posted cue sheet.  Since I have a Garmin Edge 500, which sometimes does not play nicely with courses over 50 miles, I have mapped each stage individually.  You can export them as .gpx, .tcx, or .kml files.

I only mapped out the 180k route, but if you search ridewithgps.com for “D2R2,” you will find the other routes as well.


D2R2 180k Stage 1

D2R2 180k Stage 2

D2R2 180k Stage 3

D2R2 180k Stage 4

Disclaimer: I’ll be using these same files, but I’ve never tried them before so if you get lost, I’m sorry.  I’ll be lost with you.
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